Rector’s Reflection

November 30, 2022

Dear Friends ,

In the Episcopal Church each priest and bishop has by order of the canons what is called a discretionary fund. This is money that is held on the cleric’s behalf by the parish, diocese or other institution but that is spent at the cleric’s discretion to help the poor and needy as well as occasionally supporting other parish activities to alleviate pressure on the operating fund.

The discretionary fund at Clarke Parish is funded in three ways. When I perform a rite of the church, such as baptism, marriage, or a funeral for a parishioner the honorarium that I receive is paid into the discretionary fund. The second way is that anyone may select the discretionary fund from the drop-down menu when giving through or write “discretionary fund” in the memo line of a check at any time to make designated gifts beyond your pledge to the discretionary fund (your pledge always goes to operating).

The third way and the way I want you to be aware of in this message particularly is the loose leaf (cash) offering on the FIRST Sunday of the month at Grace and the SECOND Sunday of the month at St Mary’s. You may also, as above, drop a designated check in the plate on any Sunday.

So this Sunday will be a discretionary fund Sunday at Grace and next Sunday will be a discretionary fund Sunday at St Mary’s.

This money is used primarily for doing the work of the Gospel and helping the poor and needy so please give generously.

Justin +