Rector’s Reflection

May 11, 2022

Dear Friends ,

Education is one of the most important things we do as a church, second only to worship. It is how we form disciples. The word “disciple” literally means a student of the faith, which as Christians we should all strive to be. Being a student means having an open heart and an inquiring mind. We should never cease striving to be disciples at any age which is why our adults continue to attend Sunday School well beyond confirmation.

This Sunday we will thank our teachers, who are named in the write-up below as well as those who have assisted with adult education. This will happen in the 11:15 service, so if you normally attend St. Mary’s but are either a teacher or a parent, I encourage you to attend the 11:15 at Grace this week as we recognize those who work so hard to make our education what it is.

Jesus was a teacher and called his disciples to continue that ministry and in turn they call us to that ministry of teaching and studying. Thank you to all who have made this year possible.

Justin +