I am the Rev. Julie Harris.  I retired from the Episcopal Church in 2020 and found a new home with Clarke Parish.  Sacred music has always kindled in me a special connection to Christ even though I have never actually sung except for myself and to make a joyful noise to God.  When I joined Grace Episcopal Church Wendy Oesterling and Kim Davis encouraged me to join the choir.  This summer, I have been blessed to sing with the Piedmont Singers and to have been invited to join this Pilgrimage and choral residency.  Pilgrimage has always been a way to mark life transitions.  I have journeyed to the Holy Land, Iona/Scotland, London, Scandinavian/the Baltic, South Africa, and the Far East.  Each of these trips has encouraged self reflection and deepened my relationship with God.  I am looking forward to our time at Lindesfarne or The Holy Island.  Celtic spirituality and the Order of St. Benedict have guided me for the past thirty years.