Lent is a time of renewal. Jesus fasted for Forty Days and Forty Night in the Wilderness as Satan tempted him. Through this time Jesus was put to the test, forty being the biblical number symbolic of testing. During this time Jesus also renewed his relationship with the Father in order to launch his ministry.

During Lent there is a focus on sin. So often we hear about how God forgives and indeed He does but we must also recognize that He gives us freedom and sin is a bi-product of our inability to handle freedom. When we sin we impair our relationship with God. We also fall short of God’s hope and plan for us. This is where God’s grace comes in. God repairs our relationship with Him. However, we can do our part too, the exhortation for Ash Wednesday calls us to self-examination and repentance; prayer, fasting, and self-denial; reading and meditating on God’s holy Word. I wish you all a Holy Lent.

Blessings, Justin+

IMPORTANT NOTE: As you all know, we will be saying farewell to Karen, our organist, choir director and friend, on Easter Day. If you would like to contribute to a gift for Karen, please write a check payable to ‘Grace Episcopal Church’ with ‘Karen’s Gift’ in the memo line and either drop it in the plate on Sunday mornings or by the parish office during the week.