This week is marked by Christians throughout the world as Christian Unity Week. It is the week when we celebrate what binds us together rather than what divides us. Of course, the glue that keeps us together is the unwavering devotion to Jesus Christ, Our Lord. We are bound together by our common mission to do the work that God has set before us. Tonight, many of our parishioners will volunteer at WATTS which we do in concert with our brother and siter Christians here in Berryville throughout this week. This Sunday is the annual pulpit swap when you will be joined by The Rev. Jim Smith from Duncan United Methodist Church and I will be joining the congregations of the Boyce, White Post, Millwood United Methodist Ministries.

A while back Pastor Larry Santmyer sent an email to the Clarke County Ministerial Association and he signed off “doing together what none of us can do alone” – isn’t that the truth? So, during this week of Christian Unity let us focus on that which unifies us, not that which divides us, in church, politics or other ideologies. Jesus is bigger than those things and he’s bigger than us.

Blessings, Justin+