Quiet – something we all long for at this time of year. The secular world seems to be in overdrive, heading full speed towards Christmas and trying to drag us along with it. Yet we are only at John the Baptist, the last of the prophets, the forerunner of Christ. We long for quiet and that is what the Church can offer us during this, otherwise busy, season. We can sit in the still of an empty church or in a church that is full and in the midst of worship and find God in the midst.

This coming Sunday is the third Sunday of Advent, it is the pink Sunday, commonly known as Gaudete, which literally means “rejoice”. It is the Sunday that we will light the pink candle. In the early Church and in some Anglo Catholic parishes today, the clergy even wear Rose Colored vestments and the altar is adorned in Rose Color. This was a Sunday during and otherwise penitential season when one could take a break from the fast and celebrate. The other such Sunday – also a Rose Sunday – was the fourth Sunday in Lent. So to all of you I say Gaudete – rejoice!

Blessings, Justin +