The Clarke County Ministerial Association is an organization that brings together all the churches in Berryville and the wider Clarke County community. Sometimes I feel the name “Ministerial Association” is confusing as it suggests something that is just about the clergy and not the congregations. It is true that the clergy meet for breakfast on the second Tuesday of every month at the Boyd’s Nest. However, the ministerial association is about so much more, it is about the full Body of Christ in Berryville.

Christianity is separated into several different denominations, but you’d be surprised that we agree on far more than we disagree on. The ministerial association hosts several events throughout the year to bring our faith communities together as one and I encourage you all to attend as many of these events as your schedules permit.

The next event will be the ecumenical Thanksgiving service on Tuesday November 26th (the Tuesday before Thanksgiving) at 7pm. This year Clarke Parish is hosting the service and it will be at St. Mary’s. The Rev. Larry Santmyer from our brothers and sisters at Church of New Beginnings will be providing the music.

Other events to watch out for during the year include: The Pulpit Swap and Community Lunch in January; The Good Friday Service at noon; The National Day of Prayer; The Baccalaureate Service at the High School. I hope that you will join me at these events.

Blessings, Justin+