It has been said that if ever one finds themselves in a conversation with someone who new to Christianity and perhaps has questions about our faith, that one should give that person John’s Gospel to read. This is perhaps because John’s Gospel has the highest Christology of any of the Gospels. That is to say it is the most in touch with the divinity of Christ. John’s Gospel has seven signs, all of which are more than just miracles, they actually give us insight into the divine nature of Jesus and how he was indeed sent from heaven. This coupled with the rich imagery of John makes for a fascinating and faith enriching read.

On Wednesday September 25th the bible study group will begin a study of John’s Gospel which should take us to at least Advent. The book that I have chosen as our companion along the way is Interpreting the Gospel and Letters of John: An Introduction by Sherri Brown and Francis J. Moloney, which can be purchased on Amazon. We will of course also be diving into the text of the gospel so please bring a bible. If you haven’t attended bible study before, please consider joining us. We meet from 10am to noon every Wednesday. Hope to see you there.

Blessings, Justin+